Literacy Missions Virtual Conference
Get in on the most up-to-date training about using literacy to advance the gospel and help others become proficient in reading and english.

Happening LIVE, October 2, 2021

This is a FREE training designed to equip you to advance in literacy missions locally. 
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Steve Nolen

IMB, Missionary Culture Trainer; President, Conexion Training, Inc.

Relating Well to People of Other Cultures
Our world has never been more connected, but we’ve never misunderstood each other more. This
presentation will introduce participants to cultural intelligence and how we can learn to relate well to
people of other cultures.

Paulette DeHart

Retired GA Baptist Literacy Missions Consultant

ESL: Let Each Lesson be a Lovely Learning Experience
We will plug elements from the Tried and True: Level 2 textbook into the TELL manual’s session outline to create a lesson that will teach: 1) vocabulary; 2) grammar; 3) statements; 4) questions; 5) a dialog; 6) some pronunciation; and 7) a short devotional related to the topic. Participate as a student while the lesson is presented.

Donna Milner

GA Literacy Team Regional Coordinator and Read Georgia Consultant

Schools - A Harvest Field
Yes, you can minister in the schools. Read Georgia is one easy and practical way to do it. Find out how to get started, how to work with schools and how to get results.

Lorna Bius

Mission Georgia Mobilizer, GBMB

Finding Gospel Conversations
Opportunities to share the Gospel are often right in front of us, but we don’t recognize them. In this session, hear how a few simple shifts in your approach to everyday life will enable you to find moments to have Gospel conversations with people in natural and intentional ways.

Nicole Juhan

ESL Coordinator, Trainer, and Instructor

Teaching ESL Online
During the pandemic, the need to offer the option of online classes has become apparent. Participants will learn how to adapt and successfully teach ESL classes online. 
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